Clínica Médicos Obstetrics



To train family physicians in advanced obstetrics, including cesarean section, so they can provide full-spectrum care for the whole family both locally and globally.

Clínica Médicos is an independent faith-based practice that offers a fellowship in advanced obstetrics for family physicians who seek further training in surgical obstetric skills. Fellows will receive training in cesarean delivery, obstetric ultrasound, dilation and curettage, sterilization techniques, and management of complicated pregnancies. In addition, fellows will gain valuable training in office procedures such as fracture and laceration care, abscess and wound care, long-acting reversible contraception, and more. There are additional opportunities for training in office gynecologic procedures, practice management, physician-operated lab management, and preparation for ultrasound certification.


Clínica Médicos is a private family medicine practice that was established in 2015 and provides full-spectrum care for the underserved and uninsured Latino population in Chattanooga. The practice follows Biblical and Hippocratic principles by providing accessible, affordable, and high-quality care for underserved patients including women, children, workers, and their families. In order to best meet the needs of patients, the clinic is open seven days a week and is equipped with in-office ultrasound, lab, and X-ray technology.


This fellowship is a blend of outpatient care, as described above, and inpatient care of obstetric and neonatal patients. Fellows will function as Junior Faculty supervising UT Family Practice residents and medical students in the hospital. Fellows will be expected to pursue board certification in Family Medicine Obstetrics through the American Board of Physician Specialists following graduation.



Graduate of a recognized Family Medicine Residency, licensed, board certified in Family Medicine. Professional proficiency in Spanish is preferred, familiarity is acceptable. Fellow should have completed ALSO training prior to fellowship (ALSO class available in June each year).

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